In my lifetime, I have come to know that the most empowering moment in life is when you simply accept and breathe.  Circumstances have a way of working themselves out, into new life moments, into things that you have not imagined or postulated yet.  Never let anything become a priority in your life that is merely an option…don’t throw your time, effort or heart into an endless abyss of holding on to what used to be.

What can you do today, right this moment that will invite your future to come and find you, that will empower you to live and be free?

Remember that excuses dis-empower your choices. Let this thought deeply resonate ~ an excuse makes you  powerless.

Reacting in pain is always over reacting. Allow grace and peace to be your guide, to simply be in the moment without responding to initial pain.  Don’t fight with it or engage…just experience the disconnect with “comfort” and ask what it means to you.  When a friend abruptly ended our relationship recently, I was tempted to react ~ instead, after a chat with my husband, I can reflect on this as a step of progress for us both.  Can you recognize that which is unhealthy and be willing to experience the emotional discomfort?  I was in the end.  I was willing to go and experience the pain just to move on.

The opposite of making excuses is to take full responsibility for your life.  There is the hard part….take charge of your life. Responsibility is empowering.  “It implies correctly that if things are a mess, you have the power to change them, whereas if you make excuses, the implication is you are a victim and not as able to change your life.”

Advice from Lawrence Wilson, M.D. says “Try on the idea of taking full responsibility for everything in your life, even the negatives as you perceive them, such as alcoholic parents, mean partners, troublesome children, horrible diseases or other seeming misfortunes.  Taking full responsibility may seem daunting, but it is really not so at all.  It is a new way to live that prepares you for a wonderful and fulfilling future full of joy and love.”

I found great solace in these words and thought that I would share them with you.  Today can be that bright and shining moment that you’ve been waiting for, the moments of peace and serenity that are beyond what you’ve come to expect from the day.  Choose life.  Change your state, get up and move, breathe deeply and resolve to walk through each moment with a purpose.  Pain will lessen in time, grief will abate, memories will soften and you will find yourself on the horizon of new beginnings when you are ready to stop living in view of the past.


“We find by losing.  We hold fast by letting go.

We become something new by ceasing to be something old.

This seems to be close to the heart of that mystery.

I know no more now than I ever did about

the far side of death as the last letting-go of all,

but now I know that I do not need to know,

and that I do not need to be afraid of not knowing.

God knows.

That is all that matters.”

~ quote by Frederick Buechner

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