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It's the of living or dying in what you truly believe in. He was my cousin. His blood....still in me.

Brian is the most amazing man in the world.  We have these upfront discussions about things that would crumple a normal man on to the floor…..and somehow, there is this innate strength of God, and we wind up at equilibrium, a place that you never expect to be.

He’s not the hurricane, not the typhoon that leveled your world.  Instead he met me, the woman with the faults and failings, with a passion that most men will never know.  Hes’ this interesting remake of William Wallace, who stood against the odds and changed the tide of the future.  Wow.  I am amazed.

We’re listening to old 70’s tunes and educating his way to young wife of what was important in the 70’s.  I am so very happy to share this intimate place of music that changes the soul.

So my question is this….how far out on a limb are you willing to go for that woman that you love?  Is it better to lose her forever in your silence?  Do you think the status quo will get you through the trials that you face?

I am off to sing the chorus of the Bohemian Rhapsody with my husband and then on to be bored to death at Transformers 3, but hey, they have Linkin Park video “Iridescent” after the show, and I am dying to see it on the big screen.

For all of you out there, I recommend a night with no boundaries where you let loose and be all that you are.

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