Woman to Woman: Dreaming and Being

Writing is more fun than people realize.  I’ve spent my first half of a rainy day here in the “other world” of Lucian and Katherine, editing and adding to the book that I started over the summer. I have to make some decisions about how the next one begins…but, right now they are in love, the world is partially upright and they have never experienced life like it is when they’re together. 🙂  I can actually write from experience on this one.

Have you ever thought about what you really want in life, what legacy you want to leave behind? Children grow up and leave so quickly…and then there is just you.  They go on to live their own lives.  So who am I and what do I dream of?  I want to create an impression of true love and joy that changes lives…one that lasts way past me.  I think that I will do that writing and speaking, through the ministry…and by being true to life, even though it’s hard sometimes.  Writing today made me think of the advice that my life coach gave me a few weeks back. I have this list of goals and dreams that I’ve written down, things that I want to do, places that I want to visit, gifts to give to people that I love, accomplishments in everything from writing to hiking. Tim says that if you don’t have clear vision to work toward all it amounts to is wishful thinking.  As I read through the rewrites and the edits, I realized that there was a real dream missing from my list – the perfect day.

I considered a lot of places and circumstances that would make a perfect day, and then decided that it may not much matter where you are.  It’s the union of two souls in being. For the dream I chose a place that I often imagine when I close my eyes and breathe in and out.  It’s where I go when I imagine. There is a house on Lake Lure that I’ve looked at, right on the waters edge.  I toured it as the template for the house in my book, but fell in love with it’s open, airy feeling. I’ve thought, now that life is changing here so much, about moving to Lake Lure in a few years.  This house is beautiful.  It’s got this mammoth fireplace that is as tall as I am, and sort of looks like a lodge that you’d find in Colorado, clutter free, polished wood, open beams…..a huge expanse of golden wood and windows everywhere. It’s surrounded by trees and less than half a mile from the most beautiful golf course you’ve ever seen.  It’s like the grass has been stained with emeralds. The house is wrapped by a porch, three stories that vary in shape…and it has a dock for boat and jet ski.  It could be the most perfect place on earth.  Close to Ashville, secluded enough to have the ultimate privacy.

I was thinking about the perfect day of being one on one with the love of my life, with lots of time to rub all of the knots out of his muscles until he finally relaxes – always a challenge. I love the way that he almost purrs when you scratch the back of his head. I love to hold his hand, and to share really great coffee. Not that I want to lay in bed all day…but being a sex goddess, we would spend all day making love to each other on a soul deep basis. Maybe a round of golf, a soak in the hot tub, a romantic dinner at some out of the way chef type bistro with an amazing menu and lots of time to linger…a bubble bath for two – yep, my perfect day is quiet, date filled day with the other half of my soul.

Isn’t it funny that it’s not diving the barrier reef or cliff jumping? Not driving on the Autobon or climbing the mountains from Lord of the Rings in New Zealand? I love all of that, but in the end, all I have ever really wanted is a midnight to midnight of stress free life with my baby. So the perfect day isn’t about stuff, or places or even things to do – it’s about being totally free, in love, connected, whole. Immersing in each others energy and simply being happy in love, no stress, no plans. I’ve experienced perfect Christmas days with the kids and the fireplace, the laughter and love…but never a day with my baby and just relax.  Never one without phones or the world crowding in, when I can just listen to him talk about anything and everything – or nothing at all.

What a great dream.  I’ve been sitting here for a while, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, smiling, imagining what it would look like, what he would say,  the smile that I love so much, the feel of his kiss.  A really great dream.

Do you ever wonder why it is the most simple stuff in life that we long for?

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