Release Your Inner Sex Goddess: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Bond

“Ordinary people think of ecstasy as an unpredictable event that happens rarely and accidentally…or they see it as a mystical state that is extremely hard to achieve…it is neither of these.”  Those are the words of Margo Anand in “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” a new reading acquisition.  I figure as long as I am learning about all this wonderful sex goddess stuff for my article series, a girl could find new and improved ways to say “I love you” without words.

Tantric tradition is all about intimacy beyond the ordinary, an extraordinary connection between two souls that are able to melt into one divinely orchestrated being – that feel of being whole, complete in one another.  The goal of this union is to help create a climate of “forever” in your relationship – trust and intimacy, complimented by prolonged days filled with sensual energy, making the physical and virtual pleasure of love last for longer than just hours.  Think beyond hours – and beyond the western idea of “sex” …way beyond.  It surpasses the rush to completion with time, sensuality and amazing connection.

As with all things that bring us to a higher level, we start by being a peace within ourselves.  How to do this on days like today when I am battling the blues and missing my love? From this text I learned a new self awareness technique called “the streaming process” in which one becomes aware of their inner self, the feel of your body as it responds to stimuli and action.  It was a wild thing to experience! Basically, you find yourself nude in a private, warm place and fasten a silk scarf around your eyes.  I chose a tribal music in the background, and lit candles for the warmth of glow.  Elementally, I am a water person (a Scorpio!), but I do love fire.

I found this to be a great exercise in letting go of my stress! In tantric arts, this is a cleansing process to rid the body of spiritual blocks – for the Christian reader, don’t immediately think “ugh.”  This is really very liturgical if you consider it in the context of way old Hebrew bathing or eating rituals….and those for the marriage night!  But back to the streaming exercise.  The body is mainly comprised of water, and acts like a large conductor for vibrations of energy and thought.  That is why you chest aches when your heartbroken; your fists shake when you’re angry, or you clench your jaw when you’re stressed.  In this exercise, the goal is to use your body’s natural physical vibrations to tune into your unexpressed internal energy – that is right, your inner sensual energy is inside you, waiting to be discovered!

First assume the basic yoga stance, and then bend the knees to a slight angle, letting your arms hang naturally, your back and neck straight, belly and pelvis relaxed.  It’s hard to keep the muscles in the genital area loose than one might imagine!  Breathe rhythmically, deeply and remember to keep your muscles relaxed – especially in the pelvic region.

Once comfortable, you rock slowly onto your feet, shifting the weight of your body forward.  Rock back weight to heels  Listen for a slight tremor (not hard for we MS folks!) that will begin around the knee or ankle.  Relax and breathe into it.  Feel the tremble spread throughout your body, breathe deeply and don’t censor your thoughts.  As this trembling moves into the pelvic area, you continue the rock motion, seeing a central core from your feet through your legs, into your pelvis and up through your spine….to the top of your head.  Relax into the vibrations, imagining that as they move upward, all tension and worry is poured out into the universe.  You are filled with energy and light, pure in spirit and putting you at ease.

You can slow this intense process down through releasing your muscle groups slowly, breathing deeply and softening your focus.  You might feel a little off balance when you first try it – or it may be hard for you if your really unhappy, blocked or out of emotional balance.  For the sensual goddess, this is a great way to prepare for what the tantrics call “High Bond (or Sex)” described in that holy grail of all things sensual – the Karma Sutra.

One great tip from the KS that I learned and find highly bonding – and can be done dressed in comfy, loose clothing…have your mate cross his legs as he sits on the floor or bed. Straddle him, face to face, locking your knees around his waist.  Foreheads together, look deeply into each others eyes, breathing each other in.  Affirm one another with whispered words of adoration, using all the amazing vocabulary you’ve built up in your life to affirm the glow and energy you feel coming from your lover.  Okay, for those of us who are novices to this highly prized tradition, don’t be surprised if you fall over and roll in the floor laughing together.  🙂

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