The New You: Adventure Starts at Home

One thing that most “adventurers” discover is classic:  the first step in any journey begins at home.  It’s that first moment that you round up the significant other, the spouse, the kids – and you set yourself up to become “the new you.”

Think of body art in a whole new way. What to know? It can take up to 9 months for a navel piercing to heal.

It doesn’t take tons of money, although that always helps.  It does require some creativity on your part to see beyond the ho-hum of everyday life and create that “family” adventure.  Here are some tips:

1.  Girls weekend.  If you’re like Carrie and the ladies of Sex in the City, then your gal pals are all that in your life.  My gal pal adventure begins Friday with a relatively short drive to North Carolina via Tennessee.  Feel the need for something different in your life? I have a new sparkly tummy post. Want to know more about body jewelery?  Visit the Illustrated Guide to Navel Piercing for the low down.  I’m in day three with my piercing, which is healing nicely, and prefers not to have anything rub against it. Saturday morning, you’ll find the two of us flying high on one of the top ten zip line courses in the US.  We checked around, consulted the hallowed and found a great deal.

2. Family matters.  We save a ton of cash staying with our family in North Carolina, which is really smart since we spend every waking moment together anyhow.  Who can you visit and explore with?  How about a home based family adventure, a “stay-cation” checking out all the local interests?  You might ask “while the girls are zip lining, what are the men folk and kiddo’s up to?  The kids are going on a hike and have a plan of attack for their every growing horde of Webkins to fight a legendary battle.  It’s an ongoing thing with our 7 yr old daughter and D’s 10 yr old son.  The hubsters are having some golf time, and Mark is teaching my man the art of “Napping.”  No, that isn’t sleeping – Mark makes authentic arrowheads from stone.  He uses deer horn and his talent to shape these beauties.

The Hendersonville Apple Festival is my destination - what festivals are you going to check out?

3.  Apple of your eye.  We chose this weekend for several reasons – there is an apple festival in the very German town of Hendersonville, which is convienently flanked by apple orchards aplenty.  We’ll drag the wagon behind the kids and pick apples from the trees, laughing over the antics of the shortest people to reach the tallest fruit.  Lots of picture opportunities before we head back to the fair like festival and partake of some face painting, art browsing. etc.  What early fall festivals are around your local?  Farmers markets? Lakes or national parks?

4.  Splurging can be fun.  Lake Lure, the location that all three of my novels is based in, is a short drive from D’s house.  We’ll spend Sunday afternoon hiking the trails that I write about and letting the creative juices flow.  The kids see it differently: there are waterfalls to visit.  It’s still early enough in the season to catch the spray and fall in love with nature.  The splurge here?  Dining at the waterfront restaurant for lunch that is a big part of my fictional world.  Coffee and pie looking over the waters of Lake Lure.  Yeah, I am loving life.

The IMA is a wonderful place to spend the day. What about your local art museum?

5. Browse history.  Asheville is a short drive from our destination – and a town stuffed full of little surprises.  What don’t you know about  a city near you?  Art museums? Private collection showings?  Antique stores?  Water parks, a zoo or better yet, a real petting farm where your kids can fall in love with a real goat?  Are there any Amish communities or nature centers nearby you?  Get your Google on and be creative – and don’t let kids be a deterrent.  Your 2-3 year old children are developing at a significant rate.  Taking them through an art museum will stimulate their interest and engage their creativinty.  In many public museums, there is a hands on kids area for the little ones to create.

Starting your adventure begins with that excitement of a can-d0 attitude that is willing to have fun, smart enough to plan downtime for little ones and includes activities that all can enjoy.

Remember: sun block, bug repellant, picnics are always better on a blanket and this is the day that God has made – rejoice and be glad in it.  Worry about tomorrow, tomarrow, if you must.


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