What is Your Happiness Score? Find Out Now.

Have you ever taken a test to measure your happiness?  It seems a little random for a question about life, the universe and everything.  If you’re not happy, surely you know that you’re not hopping around on cloud nine.  Still, millions of American’s live in that grey area of life that is neither happy nor miserable.  They simply….are.

What is your perception of a happy life?

How do you rate on the happiness meter? Curious to know how you stack up?  Oprah.com offers a great little test from Robert Holden’s eight week “Be Happy” program.  Take this to get your on-the-spot happiness rating, plus 10 ways to increase your happiness right now.  The Be Happy Index (or BHI),  was famously by independent scientists for the BBC documentary How to Be Happy. Scientists described the program as “a genuine fast track to happiness that not only changes the way you feel, but also changes the way your brain functions.”

I took the short five minute test which was a little annoying in it’s layout, but is just a basic assessment that you can breeze through.  My score? 86.  Yep, I am a happy girl as I’ve asserted before.  The author also include slides of eleven ideas to immediately improve your happiness score, most of which I’ve discussed in the THM forum – love yourself, take care of your body, take action, etc.  You can’t hear or read this type of information often enough as you struggle to become self aware.
Another great test that is offered on the Oprah.com site might interest those who are feeling a little overworked or overburdened.  The Sacrifice Test is an interesting look into how you really feel about life and the matrix of who you are in contrast to others’ expectations.  Try these fun tests today to see how you rate in the joy department.

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