The View from my Window

Spring is here.  I realize that later in the day a mysterious storm is supposed to come dump one to two inches of snow outside my window, but for right now the sun is shining and I see the grass bravely poking through the soft earth.  The birds are scratching at the feeder, and the squirrel has already been in my window complaining that the falling tree branches took out his feeder…and that it’s empty anyhow.  It is priceless to watch that fat squirrel hanging upside down with his head stuck in the feeder while his butt rests on the top to the whole wooden contraption.  I am not sure which one of us is more in danger of falling over.  Nothing like a city squirrel who is willing to come and nearly knock on the window to get your attention. 🙂  I am off to the hardware store in a bit to reinstall and refill the errant feeder.  Spring is here.  I am ready to go attack the backyard and plant a massive garden, to trim some trees and really make a difference in my house this summer.  I love this place.  It’s an old, huge red brick headache that I truly appreciate and adore.  The seasons change, the sun rises, the plants grow, the rain comes….and God is merciful.

Life is good in the view from my window.  I was listing all that I could be grateful for this morning…and there is just so much.  I watched and listened to T read one of her Dr. Suess books – she’s doing so well – and with her blonde hair everywhere, polka dot pajamas and a huge “I just lost a tooth” smile…..there was that perfect moment.  Brian and I were cuddled on the couch in my office, watching our little daughter beam with light. It’s hard to beleive that she’ll be seven next week.

Are you aware of your blessings amidst your busy life? Wow.  I have possibly the three most incredible, interesting, loved girls in the world.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of each of them.  The view from this window includes knowing that my kids are really truly decent people who know love.  They know grace.  They make me proud of being their Mom and their friend.

The sun is raining down on my life, and I pray that wherever you are, it’s raining on you as well.  Peace waves in amidst trying circumstances, deep and abiding joy that lets you free to be the best person that you can be – sometimes it’s hard to be yourself, isn’t it?  Hard to breathe?  Not today.  Today, there is a sense of balance and peace…and I am grateful for the love, the friends, the faith that I share with you today.

What is the view from your window?  You know, it’s not if the glass is half full or half empty – it’s what you do with the contents that matter.  Half full of poison is not good – nor is full.  Half full of pure love is priceless.  What do you do with your perspective, your thoughts?  What is the view from your window?

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