Beautiful Like You

I find it remarkable how days reflect the light of your spirit. I am almost radiant. T and I are having a productive home day…she drew an amazing pic for her Daddy.  I have this fab opportunity to make a wonderful dinner for my love, and to be fully present and enjoy a night of movie fun hanging at home. The weather has gone cold on us again, but not for long.  I am in a positive space….and I thank the small army of friends that were standing with me this week. Wow, they’re amazing people who speak “truth into my life.”

Are you in a positive, energetic space?  Spent time talking with my BFF this a.m. about people and their space – negative and positive – and I am wholly and absolutely convinced…

You live a life based on the quality of questions that you ask, the perspective that YOU choose to keep.  It all begins in your mind and heart…and continues through your soul!

We talked over the situation with a woman who is constantly complaining, constantly wanting someone else to affirm her…and many, many people that are always in some form of crisis.

My tips for you if this is your life, also:

  1. You cannot fix people!  Only God is God. Repeat after me: I am responsible for my own emotional and mental health – and so are you for yours.  Unless you are licensed to mess with people’s head, stop it!  It’s just to much for one life, people!  Less drama, more life. Wow…advice is a bad idea.  Offer love and don’t take people’s stuff into yourself.
  2. If you are actually unhappy yourself, stop making excuses. How can you change what is out of balance in your life? Do it. Overrun? Tell people that you aren’t able to help, but that you will pray for them – and do.  Help them make healthy choices, but do not be an enabler!
  3. If you are an addict – emotion, porn, drug or drinking – live in transparency.  Get away from the people who foster your behaviors, and live the life that you dream of.  Remember that passive aggressive people help set us up to fail, because change ~ your change for the better, even ~ scares people. Be relentlessly honest.  If you are not going forward…you’re falling behind.
  4. Be connected to people who you want to be like.  If you want to be something or like someone, hang out with those folks.  Learn to walk, talk and believe that way – and you will attract it into your life.  Now here is a hint – if you’re around people who drain you 24/7, you might rethink your life.
  5. No excuses.  Even if you can tell no one else the truth – tell yourself.

Can you imagine what it would be like if her complaining friend woke up in the morning and decided to take the advice Jesus gave long ago (choose life) ~ to surround herself with love and light?  If she – who has no friends since she is a negative grouch – attracted people with her smile, made friends, was genuine (fake never works for long) and honestly gave a rip about someone other than her selfish person?  Wow, what a change her life would experience…and so would everyone around her. Guilt would no longer be her primary weapon for those in relationship with her, but peace and grace.  Wow….how does that relate to you.  Are you the grouch, the control freak, the user? Or do you run the world for everyone else? Will the planet stop if you die? Imagine the possibility of a healthy, balanced life.  Are you perfect?  Answer: nope.  We’re all 100% human.

So here is my challenge to you for the weekend: live deliberately…choose life! I am going to ditch the stress, love the people I am with and forget about the past for awhile.  It’s my future that gets this weekend…my beautiful, bright, happy future.

I am spending 100% of my time on working out (I have a new goal!), homework, writing and life with my family.  Maybe no phone, no net, no nonsense. By this time next week, this list is going to be done, done, done.  No drama for this chick.  My heart is balanced and good, I don’t feel as though the hole in my chest is a mile wide…and there is love all around in this world.  I am thankful, grateful for it all. I don’t pretend that life is perfect…but it is transparent, honest and full of real love.  God in all, all in God as it were.

I am off to listen to Daugherty (No Surprise), Lee DeWyze (Beautiful Like You) and Linkin Park (All of 1,000 Suns,  a most excellent album).  I do admit I love a really wide range of music …..I was listening to Drowning Pool while working out (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor) but that is the climber in me.

🙂  I hope that your afternoon/weekend rocks. Choose LIFE!

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