Serenity Revisited

I’m listening to David Lanz’s Christofori’s Dream and watching the most beautiful day unfold.  It’s not that today is unusual, nor has anything stellar happened that will make headlines across the world.  I am deeply, truly happy.  It brings to mind the Serenity Prayer I’ve lived with for so many months now it’s become real to me.

Serenity.  God grant me the wisdom…

The courage to change the things that I can change.  That begins inside each of us, the choices that we make, the life that we choose to lead.  It’s in teaming up with the spirit inside of you and acknowledging that unique human element that breathes life into life.  The things that I can change.

My attitude.  My love for creation, man included.

My hopes and dreams, allowing all of the Divine inspiration out and into the world.

The way I greet others, how much I care, and how truly.

Grant me the radical love you have for me, for other people.

God grant me the wisdom and the courage to see the things that I can change in myself, and to encourage others to want to live a more full, authentic life.  Grant me the resourcefulness to be kind, to be encouraging on days when I suffer.  Grant me the wisdom to never regret, to never lose hope, to never abstain from faith.  The things that I can change in the world around me, grant me the courage and clarity to have a voice, even if it’s shaking.

God, give me this moment of serenity to know what cannot be changed.

Dulos is my all time favorite word in Ancient Greek. Paul used it to call himself a "slave" of the sense of a never ending servant of peace.

The past.

Others hearts.

Others minds.

Others actions, addictions, illusions.  I can’t be the catalyst of lasting change…that is their responsibility.  Teach me to pray and not preach; support and not condemn; love, but not enable.


Serenity comes in knowing the difference.  You were born in this time and this place for such a purpose, to live, to find joy, to be whole, to serve and be served by those that love you as well.

Today is not any special type of day…just an amazingly happy one that I will remember until my last day.  The city just delivered a load of the most beautiful mulch I have ever seen in my life, the deepest black like freshly ground espresso.  I have a truckload of it to spread with my darling husband when he comes home tonight.  Taryn and I are going to Home Depot now that we’ve had a picnic of Mikey Mouse Chicken Nuggets in the fresh outside air.  The house is beautiful, quiet and clean. Later T and I are going to practice second grade stuff and make a new scrapbook page.  We’ve read stories and laughed over the three squirrels running through the back yard, fighting to win one of the two ears of corn. It’s not that the day is so unusual, just that God did answer my prayer of Serenity.

Jesus said, “my peace I leave with you.  Not as the world gives, but as I give.”  I think that I’m going to preach on serenity this Sunday as I’m invited to a little country church up by Anderson.  Serenity, borne of wisdom on the wings of grace. You Christ followers out there – because you know that Christ petitions for you at the Father’s side every day, how can you be afraid? How can you live less of a life than is possible, steep yourself in compromise, encased in the death of half truth shadows?

We’re so busy that we lose what is often the thing that we’re “fighting for.”  Love. Life. Serenity.  Chaos would have choked out the beauty of the day.  It would have negated the sapphire blue of the sky, the light breeze, and the  engaging smile of the most beautiful girl in the world.  Chaos and negativity, drama and all that goes with it costs us so much….moments like now.  Perfect little quiet pieces of heaven.

God, grant us the wisdom and the courage to change what I can change, to let go of the things that I cannot, and the grace to know that you are the difference….

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