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Updated Link and Answers to Questions

For everyone that asked/could not use the link, here is the correct link for the video I did with Tim (life coach)!   Click HERE to go to YouTube.  The answers to the other questions of the day:

1. People asking about my life coach – Yes, Tim is doing another seminar soon, and yes it is worthwhile.  I had another amazing session today, and look forward to incorporating much of what I’m learning into my graduate work.  It’s life changing stuff, medically and mentally.  Check out the video for Tim’s info.
2. My speaking schedule is slowly being posted on the ministry website at  If you’re in Indiana, join me April 10th in Muncie.
3. Yes, there is another article in the Woman to Woman series (wow, lots of response to this article!)  I have it partially done – Everyday Sensuality.  As soon as I’ve finished my endless homework, it’ll post. 🙂 With time off for lots of meditation, working out, centering and communing with my sexy, sensual, energetic, loving self.
4.  Yes, the four R’s are next in the Whole Happy and Well series, and yes they will be transferable to EZine.

If you sent me an email or comment on either series, I will either reply directly to you if I can, or include your topic of interest in one of the two series.  Keep those questions coming, they really make me think!!

Grace and Peace,


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