New Day

My cup runneth over. How is your heart today?  I heard this line in a movie once…give hope a chance.  It’ll rise to the top, if you let it.  I want to let it.

Outside, there is an inch of rain falling an hour ~ but inside me, the sun is shining.  There is a choice that you make every day of your life to live with that glass half full or empty.  You could also decide that the levels don’t matter so much as your willingness to become one with what is IN the glass.  That is where I am standing.  My glass might have open space, but what is in it is priceless ~ grace, peace and love.  I am filled with the single most priceless stuff in the world, and it shines in every step that I make.  I am blessed….not perfect, just wildly blessed.

Yesterday was one of those truly hard pain days when my blood feels like it hurts me.  I know it’s nerve pain, but it’s easier to tell you that my blood is made out of acid to let you understand….ouch.  I had the grace filled  of being on the floor at school, shaking and crying, only to find that a friend stayed right there by my side.  It’s a tough thing to view, I imagine.  How can I not consider myself among the blessed that I am not here alone, but surrounded by people who love me and care about my life/welfare.  They’re these amazingly gifted, talented people.  I want to be a better person for having had them in my life.

Today is a new day.  It’s a chance to start the whole life process afresh…I am going to a “hot date” this weekend.  No details for you!  chose the perfect venue with some tasty hand cut steaks, a beautiful location surrounded by a park/place to walk…my idea of a good time.  Quiet, live music in part of the place if we want to slow dance, a patio if it’s nice.  Time to talk, to listen, to simply be two humans together, celebrating life and learning something new about each other. Just for a bonus, he’s got amazing blue eyes to gaze into, he’s smart, tall and just kinda beautiful. 🙂  It’s my goal to be totally enamored by the end of Friday night!

Saturday, my entire family converges on R’Ville, including the ex husband and his kiddos.  It should be a lot of fun as we’ve always gotten on well.  My middle daughter will become someone’s wife this Saturday. Wow.  What a great moment in life to be alive, to remember, to dance and have fun.

This is the life that we have together on this simple blue dot in the universe.  Here in the isolation of space, we have each other to round out the moments, to love and to be.  I am reminded by the people who I am in community with that this is the truth of faith ~ we live in close proximity to one another, sometimes in imperfect situations.

In the end, that is what I love about it….the imperfect moments when you know that the person who has given their all to you as a friend, a love, a community, a mentor ~ they meant what they said.

It was “I love you.”

My cup runneth over.

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