McDonalds, Small Towns and Loving Life

I’m sick.  Not kinda sick, but pneumonia sick.  Seems my lungs can’t get themselves clear, and my whole chest aches, throat raw from the coughing.  Can’t keep meds down so I’m shaking and hurt everywhere. Really, it’s been a tough few days, but here in the moments of feeling better, I have to admit….I love my hometown.  I’ve gotten outside for all of ten minutes today, and still this place makes me smile.

I left a couple of minutes before the bell to pick up Taryn at her school, and watched the frolicking Catholic kids laugh with their teachers as they are each loaded in a waiting car.  Security around St. Mary’s is absolute, not because there is any danger, but because they take these kids as their own family.  It’s an amazing school, and the children always remind me of perfect little energy filled dolls in their uniforms, and they are so well behaved. It makes me want to be Catholic, too, and I’m a Church of God pastor with an M.Div and everything.  That’s holiness stuff in every language. Still, I so love their sense of community. Add faith to an education and you get a happy bunch of smart kiddos.  It’s the first step in really great child psychology.  A loving, nurturing environment.

Taryn decided she was starving, and I’m really to tired to be into nutrition.  I make the occasional McDonald’s exception – and today was that day.  We drove down Harrison Street as she happily munched on fries and waved to the kids walking, riding, hopping, and playing everywhere.  I happily munched on fries, too.  I am again reminded that this might be the most perfect place in the world to raise my child, to live my life in peace and grace.  We’re going to a BBQ for our next mayor/friend Michael on Saturday, and planning a trip Sunday to canoe and climb…if my lungs clear out. It’s 500 weekend, so there are parties galore, if you opted not to go this year.  I love talking to Charlie at the post office, I love the summer concert series that brings great free music to town, I love the way that you’re always part of a larger family that cares.   I love the way we all know each other and care, at least a little. I know it has it’s problems, but it’s so tranquil, nosy and still…private.  Are the kids playing by the street unprotected? Nope, just wait a few seconds and one of our police officers will cruise by, checking on the kids.  After all, most of them grew up here too.

So here I lay back on my favorite couch, regretting the hamburger that I nibbled but having fun watching the crazy Squirrel hanging from the bird feeder again.  The thunder is beginning to roll in and that short hour of afternoon warmth and sunshine comes to another stormy end.   My beloved Brian is on his way home to help me fold the three days of laundry that I’ve been to sick to care about, and I fully plan to hog all the cuddle time. Shamelessly hog, really.   T is making plans for the most fun summer in the world, and I am happy to live it with her until school resumes in the fall.  I feel balanced and happy.  Full of life. Sick, but still well….filled with grace. My acre of grass and trees is growing like crazy.  My family is filled with love and hope.  My home embraces visitors and friends.  The summer porch looks cleaned up and ready to be remade into it’s glory.  Life…life…everywhere there is the joy of life.

I love this house and my life here.

I love my family, and am so proud of them all.

I love who I am and who I am growing to be.

I am so blessed.

Happy, balanced, whole and well.

Pure in love and peace.

Breathing in and out….well almost, but metaphorically, yes.

The rain just started in the broken patches of sunshine. It’s beautiful, like diamonds falling into trees that have been dipped in emerald green.

When I get to heaven, it’s going to look a lot like home.

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