Hoppy Easter Fun with Family

Although Easter is predominately the Christian holiday celebrating Salvation, Resurrection and the gospel message of the Bible, it’s also the time that family gets together with friends to celebrate what is worth dying for – the people that you love.  We’re fortunate to have about twenty of Taryn’s friends coming to the house on Saturday for a bouncy house “Hoppy” birthday on Easter eve….and to be able to celebrate our love and commitment as a community of faith.  I consider that the ultimate gift of love.  So how can you engage with our little and not so little ones on this holiday weekend, without breaking the bank?  (Hint:  Don’t rent a bouncy house.)  it’s tough to mix together boy and girl interests, but I have found that everyone likes to make stuff together.

There are some great ideas that you can use for your own celebration of love this Easter…stuff that may be a little out of the box.  For instance, if you’ve ever hung with lots of 2-4th grade kids, you know that science experiments rule supreme, right after unflattering jokes, making noise and running like crazy people while throwing balls at one another.  We’re making goo for her birthday last year.  Yep, goo.  It’s better known as silly putty, and if you have kids age 3 – 10, this will be a hit for you.  Here’s a great video and the instructions.

Silly Goo Ingredients

To make silly goo, you will need:

  • 1/2 cup white glue
  • 1 cup liquid starch
  • bottles of food coloring
  • plastic zippered bags
  • a metal spoon

Make the Silly Goo

In a large bowl combine glue and liquid starch and mix them together well. The more you mix them, the thicker the consistency will become.

When you’re done, the consistency should become stiff but runny when picked up. And if the mixture is too squishy, you can add more starch. Add few drops of your favorite colors. Try to add more drops of colors to get new shades of your choosing.

Store the Silly Goo

When the mixture is fairly well mixed you can place it on the cutting board and play with it. You can store your silly goo in an airtight plastic baggy. Goo will keep for two to three weeks if sealed in airtight baggie.

How to Remove Silly Goo Stains

Would you like to know how to remove silly goo? If you get it on your clothing, you can soak it in soapy water to get the stains out.

Candy Bags and Other Fun Stuff….like Cupcakes. Yum.

We’re making some crafts in our short party time – and this is one of the winners.  Just a note – parents, the kids will love to watch this YouTube video of people from all around the world.  Give it a try!

Another thing that you can do if you’re having Easter company is to create a fun display of cupcakes – I love cupcakes.  We’re making carrot, pumpkin, chocolate, white and lemon cakes with Easter decor for all our guests on Sunday.  Don’t know how to decorate?  You can look like a pro with some simple assistance.

Kids love these guys.

Need a place to get a recipe?  Check THIS out.

We used this video for ideas on our own Easter gathering.  Perhaps it would be beneficial for your late minute planning – nothing is to hard, and you can find much of what you need at Dollar Tree or WalMart if one is handy.

Remember…longitudinal studies with children who have interactive, authoritative parents (aka grown ups who have personal boundaries and are very consistent, balance play and work effectively) who take time to play, laugh and interact on a child’s level raise happier, more adjusted children who express healthy self esteem, reared life with a more positive viewpoint and succeed later in life at significantly higher rates.  Play with your kids and family today, lower your own stress and remember…love is what it’s all about.

Have a great family Easter!

Love, Alison


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