A Fun Moment

A Fun Moment

I went searching after my workout for unique stuff for this weekend. Just south of my hometown, there is this amazing Amish village. Yes, the second picture is my secret place to buy every spice You can think of….and they stack! Fresh cheese curd, local salami, bread with no chemicals baked this a.m. I picked up the most amazing soap made there in the shop that smells like heaven. Isn’t it fantastic that in this high tech world of rushing around, you can stop and enjoy life like this? Right now I’m having freshly roasted coffee – yum – and biscotti.  This is the store where, several years ago, my middle daughter proved that a child could actually eat the entire inside of a fresh, unsliced loaf of bread with one small mouse like hole.  We had to go back and by another.

I’d tried on clothes from last summer to pack just to find that my 140 lb self is too small…my golf clothes fall off! Thanks be to God, I popped into Goodwill and found an amazing pair of white golf shorts in a size 4. Holy cow, they fit. Bri will be happy, I also found a new evening dress for our Saturday night date that isn’t black and didn’t cost a fortune. 🙂 It’s lavender, ultra goddess, short and kinda hot, honestly. From golf and zip lines to three inch heels and uber sexy.  Man, I love being a woman.

Lots of comments to respond to tonight and tomorrow….For all of you who are struggling today with any thoughts of negativity or lack, I want you to know that I’m praying for you and sending you thoughts of love and light. I appreciate knowing that you’re reading along with me in life as I learn to heal and grow – you’d be amazed how many people write about having broken hearts.  I know that times can be tough, but live and love are worth it.  Never, never give up on what you believe in.  I don’t normally respond in blog, but for Tammy, you didn’t leave an email address! Here is my only thought: you don’t stop loving someone, and I realize that it feels like the world is ending. Instead, you learn to love yourself.  Look yourself in the mirror and know that you are beautiful and worthwhile.  You might go to my EZine articles site and read the articles there under “surviving losing him.” Hold onto everything with a heart wide open and learn to appreciate yourself, your life.  If he loves you – truly loves you – love will find a way, find the courage to say so.  If not, be you, live life and realize that it’s part of who you are.  It slowly gets better I am told.  Slowly can be a relative term.  🙂 I’m praying for you.

Off to write, friends.

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