Basic Human Needs: Am I Love? Am I Loved?

Am I love?

As I love you, I love you, all in and without reservation. There is nothing left for me but to be wholly in and invested in you. I long to be together to feel grace and truth collide into the colors that make up the sea of emotions between us. I long to see your smile, to love you, always you, only you.

Are you love?

There is so much in your life; do you notice me? Do you notice that I need your time, the attention of the personal you, the one you hide from everyone?  I long  for you to notice that God made me for just a time as this?  In a tough world, will you still realize that no matter how tough I seem, without your smile, life somehow lacks a special moment?

How do you express love?

I express it by being happy no matter what…by being whole on my own, so that I can give you all that I have and still be myself.  That I live authentically…my expression of love is healthy expression of self first, faith always.

What is love to you? Teach me?

You can call it a contemplative mood, but my music has me thinking about love.  This song “Kissing You” has been laced through my playlist all day.

I’m Kissing You {Love theme from ‘Romeo and Juliet’}

I have been writing nonstop all day, dreaming about the feel and the touch of this novel, published in my hands.  Dreaming of the moment that you meet my Lucian for the first time.  My dreams have been exceptionally uplifting.  I appreciate the Divine love that comes and wraps arms of comfort in my times of trouble. I honestly don’t like those ideas that float around our popular culture, this “breaking of generational sin” as though God kept some score card about your past.  Beloved, know that when this was written in the old testament, they were trying their best to describe how we hand down problems that can be changed, especially in their shame and honor based society.  Don’t take advice from people that don’t understand the context of the real language of the time.  No Hebrew, no advice.  All that chanting and renouncing can also be found in any book of spells for “the other side,” not that I believe that to be true either.  Love – it is love that will bring you home again.  Faith that will see you though, not in a divine slot machine to make the problems go away, but that your smart enough as grace by God to walk with your head up in the worst of times.  That you give more than you get.  That you protect children of the most high from pain, and harm none.  It’s all about our choices.  Are you love?

Dreams are healthy things, when kept in perspective.  I was dreaming last night, in the quiet hours all alone when you’re not quite asleep nor awake, waiting for morning to arrive.  My dream was beautiful, a place that I recognized instantly without any hesitation.  Lake Lure, the clearing on the east side of the open bank surrounded by trees in all stages of bloom, mountain laurel, color and fragrance floating on a soft summer breeze.  There was an open blue sky with lazy wisps of haze blue cloud threatening to collect against the mountainside.  I felt the glow of the sun and realized ~ I was “the sun.”  The warmth and the energy was coming from me as I appreciated the images of those people I love, considered the gifts of life and freedom that God has so thankfully given to me.  In gratitude, I was the light that shone into the deepest recesses of the forest.  I sat quietly on the bank of a little stream and thought of all that I was grateful for in my life, that I am grateful for today.

Life is so beautiful.  It’s an amazing balance of color and textures, people and feelings.  I read last night that the difference between people that make a difference in the world, and people who live in the world isn’t what they do as much as the whole of the energy and love that the give as a free gift to all who are around them.

What is it that makes us human?

Its love, love that resonates from the deepest parts of the soul.

It can make two people one.

You can’t design it, make it, capture it; it is the human heart that radiates all in and around you.  Do you ever give it a chance to cultivate and grow, that feeling of another person growing close within you? Do you move quickly and escape the chance to fall deeply? Within this human life, each of us is separate and unique, no two the same.  There is a fate or a destiny for each person to make as they live the minutes, hours, days, months and years…choices and failures, victories and defeats.  There are moments of kindness and beauty, moments of angst.  Finally, there is the only reason to exist at all … moments of faith and love.

Do you know love?

I know love, deep and abiding, one that does not change with the winds of tumult, and one that withstands any amount of time or pain.  I know love, resilient and hardened, asking me in heavenly whispers to make my best choices and trust when all seems totally backward.  I know love, passionate and intense, soul deep and seared into every part of my being, fused for all time with one another.  I know love….but am I love?

I am.

I am love. I’m not really interested in power, politics or fame. I would rather give my time to help you than anything.  I’d give my life for the people I love, but I’d really rather live it for them.
I am love; I expect you to rise up and be whole, happy and well.
I am love; I know you will expect me to regain my feet, and to never give up on what I’m destined to be.
I am love; through laughter, rolling with the children on the floor, bringing lightness and happiness to everyone that I touch.
I am love in that my light shines and touches everyone I come in contact with ~ it radiates from the tips of my fingers and through my eyes.  It touches the strangers who come up and begin to tell me their life problems, and in the prayers we offer to God as they finish….

I am love.  So are you, if you’re not just keeping the peace, going through the motions and being where you are by

Starry Night, One of my favorite paintings of all time.

default.  Stand and rise to your feet, be a gift to all who know you without expecting something in return.  Love doesn’t seek the approval of others, but gives into the lives without really expecting anything…God takes care of the recompense.

I encourage you as we prepare for the first of the thirty day challenge in October to center yourself on that picture of love, that person, place, thing or moment that you remember feeling completely whole and well in.  Let’s expand that feeling to every moment of your day slowly and deliberately, until you too feel as though you’ve been immersed in a bathtub filled with love.

When it all comes down to it, this is the only life that you have: it is an adventure.  Live it, fully, all in, no holding back.  Be wildly in love with it, suck the marrow from the bones of joy and breathe grace, art and beauty into every life that you touch.

Be love.

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