Turn Up the Speakers: A Concert to Remember

The headlines of today’s newspapers show a horrific scene of the Indianapolis State Fair concert stage collapsing on the audience between sets as they anticipated the country sensation Sugarland taking stage.  My love and prayers to the family and friends of all those deceased or injured…all of Indiana sends you love and support.

I was bummed to hear this – I’d been in the crowd just a day before at the same venue, with husband Brian and the most beloved, beautiful daughter in the world, Taryn.  She was soooo excited to attend her first real concert, given that she’s already rehearsing a BTR song with four friends for the talent show in November.  It’s fantastic to watch her in all her hope and wonder.

Our venue was safer and filled to the brim with children who can make more noise and scream/stomp at a decibel level I didn’t know preteens could accomplish.  Each of them roared for the Nickelodeon famed boy band, and even gave a great welcome to a seriously talent of group of four quality gents from the East coast.  It was Days Difference and Big Time Rush gracing the afternoon stage.  I wish that I could say that I made it through both sets, but the neurological implications of eight thousand screaming teen/preteen girls, strobe lights and the constant vibrations of the bleachers led to one of those really avoided escorts off the platform by some wonderful state police and paramedics that remind me…people like me have to be really careful about their outings.

Days Difference and Big Time Rush Crowd in Indianapolis

I knew it was a semi-sorta bad idea.  Heat, proximity, vibration, flashing lights, excessive noise…still,  you should have seen Taryn’s face, full of joy and excitement.  If I wind up losing time in life to the loss of use in my own body, memories like these are what I want to build, not being sick in bed.  The music is the last thing I remember before I collapsed…me, not the stage.  An hour or so in the medic facility and I was right as rain.  Neural overload, but no permanent damage.  For the record, the Indiana State policemen that helped my MS spazzed muscles and shaking body to the quiet and then to the medical center?  Angels, both of them.  Amazing, caring, helpful and understanding guys that didn’t mind my death grip on their poor arms, or that my feet weren’t working right.  The paramedics at the ISF?  Wow, what amazing, inspiring people.  Thanks, guys, truly for all that you did for my family, and for making sure that Taryn saw the concert while you tended to her sick Mom.  I am better now = home-bound for a few more days, but today….today I got to go to Bloomington and wander the incredible gardens of Oliver Winery in a perfect, cool evening with hubs and daughter, a short bottle hard cider, fresh artichoke spinach dip and crusty baguette, which Taryn fed to the enormous fish in the pond.  It was an amazing night of light and love.  But I digress…back to the music that so impressed me.

For the first hour I did get to hear an amazing band that played from the heart, rivaling any group that I’ve heard in person.  Days Difference, if you don’t know them, are a group of four from Virginia Beach.  While Taryn’s preteen heart still beats for Kendall in BTR, she’s made serious inroads to making Days Difference her fave group – and I can see why.  Above there is a shot of all of us in the concert venue.  Yes, we’re in there….somewhere…..

Days Difference - Worth Investing $ In This CD

The song by DD that stuck with me is available on iTunes for download, and is called “Speakers.” You can sample it on my play-list here.

Days Difference – 04 – Speakers

The four member band are led by keyboardist/lead singer Johnathan. He’s joined by a younger brother on drums, a super talented guitarist and energetic, talented base player.  Johnathan’s ability to stay true to the song that you hear in the recording is amazing.  He knows his craft – his pitch in live performance, filling the stage is first class.  If you get the chance to log into their Facebook page or their home page, do so.  I really liked Days Difference.  They’ve made it to the holy grail of my music – my writing play-list for the Soul Thief.

So it’s deadline time for my world of novel writing, which means just me and this keyboard until it’s done.  I’m not going to be on email, Twitter, Technorati, Linked In, Facebook, MySpace or ….well, hell, all of them until I’m closing out at 100,000 words.  Forgive me for scanty posts this week….it’s gonna be a life changer.

In the meantime, here is your assignment for today.

Live life like you mean it. 

Pay attention to everything. 

Wake up all your senses and experience the day that you’re in. 

Do something nice for no reason, on the sneaky side. 

Treat yourself like the incredible, wonderful person that you are inside. 

Realize that you’re gifted, irreplaceable, special. 

Embrace life like you never have before. 

Write your story. 

DON’T COMPROMISE on the things that you know you need. 

Ask for help.

Love relentlessly.

Always offer peace.

Eat great pizza – I just made BBQ chicken, garlic and four cheese on a thin crust.  Brian is in love with the new pizza pie.  It’s a winner. Love to you, dear ones.  Wish me good fortune writing.  Its….almost…..done…..novels are like giving birth. Then two more to follow. 🙂  It’s true love, I promise.

I close with another Days Difference that I really like called “Are You Happy?” Days Difference – 01 – Are You Happy(1)

Are you….happy?

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