Fulfilling Your Christmas Wish…..

As I work toward the articles for the end of the year, I am wondering what you have on your mind? Send me your Christmas wish today – whether it is relational, material, spiritual or just a wish, lets hear it as a community.

You can post your Christmas thoughts, hope, dream...you can post how you feel, anything that makes you feel stronger, better. The comments forum will not reflect anything but what you write, and your chosen name. Email addresses are not given out. Go ahead and make a wish, big, small, important or just wistful. Remember - when you read others wish, send them love, light and the hope that all in their lives comes to bloom - and watch the magic of love work. 🙂 Merry Christmas, wherever you are, whatever you beleive, and whoever you may be.

Don’t be why now….nothing is out of bounds.  Just be respectful of others.  You can add your Christmas wish to the comments section below for publication, or if you want a response, send it to my email at [email protected].

Already, we have the twelve days of Christmas articles (which in reality occur after Christmas Day, but hey….)  We have letters from “Better off Alone,” and “I Need to Let Go,” followed by my new friend “This is What I Waited For….”  Upcoming articles in the next few days will have you laughing, crying and thinking. This is the year for growing, being, becoming.  It is a year of health, doing it together.

What about you specifically?  Of the thousands of THM subscribers, the near thousand email folks, what type of Christmas gift would you like to find in your inbox?   I need to hear from you all!  How can I pray with you, help, support you in both good and times of need?  Yep, I am asking for it, your postings to my email, questions, thoughts….the standard rules apply.  I don’t open attachments, and I answer all email.  Tell me what you’re thinking, or if you have a thought to help another.  It’s in community that we all find ourselves never alone and among those that understand.

Sending you all the joy and the light in my heart of this, one of my best days.  I wish that I could bottle the joy of being and send it out to each of you.

Write to me with your Christmas wish.  Maybe, just maybe, as a community pulling together with some luck and much prayer, the deepest wish of your heart can come true.

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