Music: Iridescent by Linkin Park

Today’s been one of those moment by moment days, locked between my novel characters and personal realizations.  I am about to toss the whole thing and walk to the post office with Taryn, just to be out in the sunshine.  I’ve been listening to A Thousand Suns as the inspiration behind the final chapters of The Soul Thief, the first in my series….and it’s kind of apocalyptic in some ways.  I included my favorite of the day above,  although when I go to kick box in the carriage house later, it’s always “Waiting for the End” that heals my soul.

I love music.  It changes me back to myself, encourages me to see possibility, soothes the aches of life.  I love Robert Pattinson’s “Never Think” although it’s really short…and so many others that it’s impossible to mention.  Does music compliment your life?  I can’t live without it.

My cells are all going in different directions today, a crescendo of creativity and energy, intensity and memory.   The anti-inflammatory has successfully reduced the inflammation in my neck/head. I am not in intense pain, which is great by any standard of  measurement.  Mellow, content, house clean…it doesn’t get much better than life like this.  I mean, there are things that I’d rather see in the mail, like a letter from my agent cooing over the manuscript with a great check.  Not today, as I still have the manuscript here, eh?

Art by Intano, which I relate to as the creative process.

I will be happy to see my baby tonight, to have someone to bounce ideas off of and just hang with.  Writing can swallow you whole at times. The blur of being here and there is…elemental to me.  I can see it as I write…and that can be a little disconcerting if it’s something you’ve never really imagined before.  I can’t wait to see the movie (high hopes for this book) and how close they get to my beloved Lucian and Michael.  The power of positive thinking.  It’s twelve months into the manuscript, which isn’t bad considering I also buried someone, graduated, went partially nuts and nearly lost everything that I honestly value and love.

Jeez.  I think that I’ll stay home a while.

I cut a huge scene from the book today.  My pain in the butt male lead has real thoughts about what is good and not for him, and it just didn’t suit.  Not exactly sure where we’re headed in the lovely town of Lake Lure, but I’m feeling the need to return “home” to North Carolina, climb some mountains, run the trails and surrender to the life that is waiting there for me. 🙂  Told you I was in a weird space. I’m on to listening to the Kings of Leon now, Use Somebody, and it’s time for me to leave the office and go live life.

In meditation today, I prayed for you all, the hundreds of people that trip across this site every day of my life.  I hope that you find something here that enriches you, that helps, that makes you know that you’re never alone.

Life is the most amazing adventure if you allow it to be.

Circumstances don’t need to be perfect….don’t wait until circumstances are perfect.

LIVE NOW. Do it with passion and honesty, excitement and authenticity.  Suck the marrow from the bones of life and know what it means to drink deep of humanities purpose.

Get off the fence, grab hold of that destiny and don’t be afraid to fail, succeed or draw.  Love with all of your cells, know with all certainty that there is more than what you see….be all in.

You can.

You can.

I know that it’s terrifying, but you can.

I send you love, light and all of the blessings of the world.   My music returns me to the task at hand with  Eyes on Fire by the Blue Foundation followed by Sex on Fire from the Kings of Leon. 

I love writing. See you tomorrow.

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