Journal Thoughts: Looking through the Minds Eye

I had the remarkable opportunity to talk with several people tonight who are victors in the “living life to the fullest after being heartbroken” category.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these souls coming to my house and making a difference in my own journey.   It’s been one of those weekends where you know that you’re a real soul, on a real path….and this is what there is.

I have many quotes to send to you.  I hope you find them as loving as I did….over beer, pizza and lots of Cosmo articles, this is what we all know.

“What is it like to see the whole being, the person inside….just because people are cute, doesn’t mean that they’re anything inside….”

“I’ve never claimed to be perfect …. just so close that there is no reason to argue about the difference. :-)”  (Meant with all humility.)


10 Disturbed – Shout 2000 [Tears for Fears Cover]

There are fewer things that are more self relevant than the love that we (Donna and Alison) have for our “little” brother William.  Like most of us, he’s had a rough go of love…and like most of us, he’s working toward that goal of being happy, sane and well. he says  “Love yourself,” he says.  “People with a clear conscious don’t have as many problems.  I have a clear conscious.  I don’t have problems  becasue I love me for who I am.. Realize who you are and accept yourself…..for who you are and be happy with yourself. ”

From another in the vein of self love and acceptance: “If you’re really brokenhearted, decide that you will cope.  You have to learn that it’s like everything else.  You have to learn to cope and learn how to change your state without hurting yourself and the people you love.   Remember sometimes you are you’re worst enemy.  Learn how to make yourself happy and you will in turn learn how to deal with life.   Most people like to dwell in their sorry instead of doing something that will help them feel better about themselves.  Your mind is a wonderful thing.  It can help you through the rough times if you let it. Let yourself be the real you, come out in full force.  Do something that  lets your inner self be revealed.  No regrets, just you.  You just might be surprised to see what happens.  Life goes forward regardless if you want it to or not. “

Leigh says “Until you die you are here so make a difference in other peoples lives and you will find it will change your life as well.”

I find so much of other people’s story gives into the life that surrounds us.  I am in one of those heartbroken states tonight, the space between knowing that it is okay to remember my great love, and the power of letting go.  I know that there is no change of our conversation, our life…and still, there is part of me that is sad.

Comfort yourself tonight.  Know that you’re bigger than your circumstances.

~ Lexi


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