There is No Fate….. but What We Make

Here is a random, intense thought on my rainy day….

It’s the stuff that all good fiction is made out of, the distressed hero or heroine paced by the one guy (girl) we’d all like to collectively get even with.  Good and evil, the balance of justice tipped to where the good guy gets the girl just as a beautiful sun sets in the sky.  It’s not like that in real life, when the music comes to crescendo and the screen fades into black.  Instead, you’re dealing with reality.  Justice, fairness and reality are often things born of perception, and not at all in line with what you thought would happen.  Welcome to the human race.

I find great truth in snippets of movies, moments that might pass you by if you’re not watching life carefully.  In the strangest places a phrase or thought will appear, float on the air like a word for the season and then melt back off into the moment as though it knew it registered with your soul.  It was like that the first time I saw the Lord of the Rings, The Matrix…and For the Love of the Game.  There are moments that still me.  I watched the latest Terminator movie tonight, and there is was in the last line…there is no fate but what we make.

I find a lot of value in that statement, that we’re creatures fighting with our own humanity, our technology, our ignorance, our own self destructive tendencies.  I wish that I could tell you that given the chance to change the world would chose utopia.  I know better.  It would evolve like it has and continue on.  I see God’s point from time to time, the frustration of it all.  We are failed and failing, we human kind.  I stand right there are the forefront of it all, knowing that I have no right to judge…I’m the one that is still in love with what amounts to a ghost in my life.  I still stand here, fighting just to comprehend, just to breathe in and out.  It’s amazing what pain can do to a person.

I am not sure where you’re standing in the world today, or what your situation is.  I send you thoughts of grace and peace amidst whatever strife or anxiety befalls you. Life as I know it is still changing.  Rapidly, like the seasons.

Until now in this process of discovery and recovery,  I have felt almost frozen in ice, wondering where the sun has gone.

Without warning it has come back across the horizon.  Life blooms again, and the world still turns on it’s axis…of this I am still relatively sure.

What is unreal is what form life might take now, my willingness to be open and to embrace all that can and might be.  I have the wonder of a child, the curiosity of a cat, the anticipation of knowing, being, becoming…what person place or thing will help me focus this intense energy into something productive and meaningful I do not know.  I can envision, dream and create.  So can you. 

There is no fate…but what we make.

Peace to you, friends.

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