The Video Channel is Coming!

Greetings to all of our subscriber friends across the world!  We greet you in love, peace and all the blessings life has to offer.  We’re really happy to take a moment and introduce you to the great new THM site.  Click around for the new features, and look for updates every day!

Alison Rodgers

Ever want our fearless leader to come by and have coffee, or see out that famous window in her much mentioned office??   Those intimate coffee house moments with Alison are just what you’re looking for.  We’re finishing the new television spots for Changed for Life and the home sets for Today’s Healthy Minute….and if you’re not subscribed to the You Tube Channel (Today’s Healthy Minute) or the Video page on the THM home site,  you’re going to miss out!  We’re sticking with English language right now….sorry for that!  We’ll subtitle in alternate languages as time allows.


With one upcoming possible set change, the THM spots will be uploaded over the next week.  In addition you can follow Alison’s Twitter @ali_rodgers or visit her upcoming relaunch of the blogspot journal on

We’ve added a THM journal feature off the homepage for the best of the best depression articles on the magazine site; if you haven’t seen our upgraded site, come on home and check it out!  You’ll find the new pages on the navigation bar, under the “soon to be replaced standard graphic.”  Just waiting for the art.  🙂

We’re growing day by day…5,000 readers strong!  If you love the content at THM like we do, we could use your help.  You can help by submitting our site to your favorite social media like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Reddit. It’s revenue from our advertisers that keeps this site free…we need your help!

Our readers mean the world to us. Write in today.

New site features include “Pictures from the Soul” some of Alison’s favorite photos and artwork off the net, plus family pictures from the world and around.

“The Journal” page is a collection of ongoing articles, and doesn’t come on your RSS feed.  It’s Alison’s personal thoughts on living in relationship recovery, humor about life as we know it, encouragement for hard times, terminal illness, ending depression and matters of faith.

We welcome you to write in and interact with us any time!

With love and respect,

Alison & the Staff at THM

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