Novel News: Soul Thief Releases March 30

I was at lunch with my publisher Wednesday when the date I’d been waiting for/dreading came up in conversation.  The publishers release date of my first full length commercial fiction novel  “Soul Thief,” the first book in the Angellion (it’s actually Euangellion in Greek, but hey…) Trilogy.  First, you’ll see the special release from those amazing Kindle people on an exclusive sometime in early March. For THM readers, you’ll get the first chapter and the link to download as soon as I know it.  I understand the hardback date could be pushed or pulled.  Published. Scary thing, considering that we’re still in final edits…but it all goes so fast at this point.

Proof copy.


Proof copy.

Edit. Again.

Me pulling my hair out over what is too much and what is great for that shower scene.

I thought that I was done.

So, in the same conversation, I’m happy to find out that my book signing kicks off in New York City at the Book Expo America, booth 4575 for you buyer/wholesaler/writer/agent/industry types.  Media week in New York.   Yep, in front of every book buyer and publishing house (including mine), Google Books, Amazon/Kindle.  After that, cities all over the place.  I mentally rehash my graduate schedule. It’s lighter this summer than I anticipated…wait, what did you say?

Book signings.  I may get to meet my THM folks from around the world. “Holy cow.”

I think…wow.

I live a life seeped in words. I write for hours on end, almost every day.  My book has over 100,000 of them.  The only word I have at that moment?  Wow?


My writers mind is still locked on rewriting a scene when the heroine and hero are wrapped around each other in the shower. Is it good, is it daring enough, can you see it when you read? Will my readers feel the steamy or think “um – no.” Is steamy good in paranormal romance? Am I doing justice to the depth of the characters?

Did you say “expo?”

Yikes. Again.

And then it hits me….my book is going to be in your local store in just a few short weeks.  There are book cover design proofs, discussions on marketing.  There are copyright submissions, ISBN’s, and the Library of Congress control numbers on these new pages.  Legal disclaimers that I’ve never actually met an archangel, and that my beloved heroes only exists in my dreams.  I sadly acknowledge that there is no tattoo bound, muscly men wandering around answering to his name, living or dead. I made it all up in my somewhat frazzled brain.  It’s a great story…even the shower scene.

It’s a great story.  My sister D is bugging me to finish the second book in the series since she’s read every version of the last one for the past eight months.  I am sheepish to admit that my characters often boss me around, directing the dialogue to places I hadn’t actually planned out.  They’re alive when I’m lost in my world of music and internal movies.

So, dear ones, we here at THM have a chance to step out of the ring of sanity and wellness, just to take a ride on the most unique work I have ever produced.  I hope that you’ll join me.

Can you say it with me?


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