NOOK Carrying Soul Thief

If you’re a NOOK user, you can read Soul Thief on your device now, say the folks at Barnes & Noble.  In addition, you can “rent” it for free for an hour in any Barnes and Noble location while you’re on the premises.

B & N is taking pre-orders for the hardback edition due out May 29.  The hardback edition retails for $26.99, but is being offered by booksellers for $18.21.  The special digital edition debuted for $9.99 and “saves us from using more paper.”

The book tour will launch in June in NYC, and then cover most of the Midwestern/Eastern states, including the cities of Columbus, Chicago, Toledo, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis.  In addition, there are late summer dates for Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

The second in the series, Soul Keeper, is due to be released in 2013.

“If you’re a THM reader, friend, friend of the family, acquaintance…if you’ve just Stumbled onto this page, let me encourage you to post the book release in your Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter and LinkedIn forums.  Even with marketing budgets, reps, publishers and all that, the real way that books get onto the best sellers list is when we come together as a community and tell one another that it’s out there.  Ask your local retailer to have it in stock – there are going to be 70,000 new titles this year.  A small percentage of those books make it to that lofty shelf of “bestseller,” and that’s determined by you – the reader.  This isn’t just a book for me, it’s the beginning of my lifetime dream to bring this story to life.  If you could pass the message on, I’d be truly grateful! Encourage your friends to download or request and buy Soul Thief. They won’t be sorry they did.”

Find Soul Thief on Nook here.

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