Into the West: Music of the Soul

Annie Lennox

For those of us that were alive and attentive to music through the 1980’s and 1990’s the Eurythmics lead singer, Annie Lennox, provided a magical mystical voice complimented by strong lyrics and well composed melody.  She was, as they say, all that and a case of chips.  Sweet dreams were made of this.  I feel in love with “Here comes the rain” long ago, and have been a raging fan ever since.

Here Comes the Rain

Lennox dedicates herself in this era to HIV/AIDS awareness, especially in emergent countries.  This diva of song did gain the Oscar nod for her performance in the final of the Lord of the Rings movies.   LOTR is one of my all time faves – a friend that comes out and spends endless, sleepless nights with me.  In the past months, Frodo has been a good companion.

I was studying Maureen Hill in psychoanalytic theory this afternoon for my class that happens from 6 -9 every Wednesday in the Teacher’s College Psych building at BSU.  I know that it’s hard to make the connection, but this song from the Lord of the Rings has been on my mind most of the day, all about starting over and changing into new life.  Perhaps it the last few hours of my novel being only my own; perhaps it is saying good bye to my daughter; perhaps it is a long list of things.  I thought of this song, and wanted to share it with you.  Audio and video follow.

19 Into the West

Video of Oscar Win with intro by “Arwen” Liv Tyler, Presenting at Oscars

Other noteable music for this writing lyrics come in the form of cover songs.  From Lacey at Flyleaf we have a haunting rendition of “Something I can Never Have,” written and released by Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor.  Trent has a long history with my family from before was uber-famous via FightClub era.  Trent is one seriously talented, disturbing individual.

Flyleaf – Something I Can Never Have

Not to leave on a sad note, but Annie Lennox has also been covered by a group that did an excellent job.  The Gregorian Chant version of a “Lighter Shade of Pale” is also an amazing work of art.

09 – A Whiter Shade Of Pale

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