How To Live A Great Love Story

Stop what you’re doing, immediately.  Unless you’re driving and then PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.  That being said, I am in love with a two part series of articles.  I hate it when Lexi is right, she really is a bad sport about “I told you so.”  She’s in Bloomington and still annoying me.

Still, it’s rare that I hear that excited tone of voice from Lexi, insisting that she’s found the holy grail of blogs and that I must stop what I am doing (writing my own novel) to read someone’s stuff.  The fact that the guy in question, Donald Miller, also wrote Blue Like Jazz did sway me a bit.  I loved that book, and really wanted to steal that title. Still, I stopped what I was doing and read his blog.  The fact that Michael Hyatt, fellow Twitter bug and all around big shot Chair of Board at Thomas Nelson Publishers (while still being a really cool guy,) recommended it too speaks volumes.  Miller, it would seem, wins todays’ raffle on the relationship matrix.  Damn, I love this article.

Miller writes…

How to Live a Great Love Story Vol II (For the Guys)

Any great story contains the following elements:

• A person (or group of people)

• That wants something.

• And are willing to overcome conflict.

• To get it.

I am not sure that Bogey had it going in Casablanca. He was the man's man...but was he the man of our dreams? Nope.

A great love story is no different. In a love story, a guy, wants a girl, and is willing to fight the dragon, to get her. Or at least some variation on this theme.

If you’re like me, though, you don’t like to sit and watch romantic movies. If it’s a comedy, I can bear it, but I’m the guy who fast-forwards romantic dialogue they throw in to endear a female audience. I could care less.

That said, though, men were designed by God to live a great love story.

But there’s a difference between men and women, here. Men were not designed to have love stories “happen to them” as much as they were designed to “make a love story happen to a woman.” Do you understand. You’re the writer of the story. You’re the guy who initiates and has the character to follow through. You’re the one responsible for how the love story turns out.

Miller, like me is a published author, only he has four powerhouse books to his credit.  Given that much of what he writes is copyright protected, I am going to leave you with this tantalizing view of his article. You can find his website at although I understand his web traffic is off the charts today and it may be hard to get in.  It’s worth it to check it out, guys and girls.  There is also a part one for the ladies.  No matter where you are in the world, no matter what religion you practice, if any, his truths are pretty universal.  I don’t know Don, but I dare to say that we agree on his article here.

Life is what you make it, and based on what you’re willing to do, how hard you’re willing to try, what you’re willing to dream…..go read the man’s stuff.

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