Mine Again

There is a new tab on the home page for everyone that keeps writing and asking for music play-lists.  We listen to a lot of music, peeps, so we’ve tried to create a page for those artists that we simply cannot live without, that are hardwired to the IPod that goes with both of us everywhere.  I (Alison) ditched 90% of my old music and started over not to long ago in a bid to be the healthiest version of me and to put the memory of my dead ex best into perspective.  No reason to keep on flogging what is gone.

So, we introduce you to Paul Durham of Black Lab, if you don’t know them. I (Alison)write to this often, following my characters through the hardship that seems to be part of everything they are.  Mine Again is a song from the movie “Waiting for Forever” and is a great listen, or you can catch the video on YouTube.

Two greats songs/videos from the ever talented Black Lab is Ghost in Your Mind and the dark but lovely “This Night”.  That is one of my all time favorite songs ever, sans my love for Chester, Michael and all the guys of Linkin Park that still burns bright.

There are times that I am not sure I am going to make it through the writing process without deconstructing, until these people start to sing.  Music carries me through the tidal wave of pain and into the next moment of my life with something resembles dignity.

More tunes to come, sorry for no downloads, but there are copyright issues.  They’re worth buying. If you’re one of the tune requests, you’ll find them next to the “Pictures from the Soul” on the Main Page of the magazine.  For those of you in love with RSS, I am not sure if subscribing to the page will work, since that doesn’t normally transfer media without your logging on.

Video page to be up soon, sorry it got shelved behind the novel….. 🙂  We’re almost there.  Promise.

~Alison & Lexi


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